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KBM Injektorking Vario fill guns:
  • Low air consumption
  • Saves money on energy costs
  • Venturi system is self cleaning
  • Very long lasting
  • Critical parts made of stainless steel
  • Very little maintenance
  • Very easy and fast maintenance
  • Only one seal in contact with steam, and it can be exchanged in 30 seconds. 
  • Furthermore it lasts at least 6-12 months
Injector tip length 25mm

The INJEKTORKING VARIO injectors for EPS and EPP offer the following advantages:

Steplessly variable adjustment of the air volume, and consequently steplessly adjustable vacuum, which allows optimal filling of moulds under all conditions, regardless of the shape and complexity of the mould, even when the venting of the mould is inadequate. "Blowback on time after closed" function available.

Minimum air consumption, which reduces, and sometimes even eliminates the need for the use of crack-position and consequently saves material. Very solid design, low weight, with barrel, piston-sleeve/plunger, piston-shaft and feed pipe made of stainless steel.

Saves energy costs by minimizing the air consumption.
This is a factor which becomes more and more important.

Very simple construction and extremely little maintenance, with all parts to be
dismounted by hand without using
special tools at all.
Change of U-seal takes only 15
seconds (The only seal, which is
influenced by the steam), also
without use of special tools.

Especially designed, also for use both with and with-out pressure filling systems, allowing optimal filling, also of thin-walled sections. Quick clamp for material hose also available.

Vario EPS: Very low-energy fill injector with adjustable air/vacuum setting. Enables you to optimize your energy consumption, while still having a very good filling. Perfect for all regular EPS molding tasks.

Vario EPS Power: The fill injector for more demanding tasks. Still a low air consumption and an even higher vacuum ensures a good filling of all difficult parts. Also for higher densities of EPS.

Vario Turbo/Combi (T/C): The fill injector for all materials and densities. EPS, EPP, EPE, Arcel, Neopor, etc. Same air/vacuum profile as the Vario EPS Power ensures a very good and fast filling.

KBM designed the INJEKTORKING VARIO in 1975 and we have delivered more than 90,000 injectors worldwide since then.

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KBM Injektorking Vario for EPS



KBM Injektorking Vario
KBM Injektorking vario
KBM Maxi Recycling sketch
530/50/18-36/16 EPS
330/50/18-36/16 EPS
KBM Inkjektorking Vario
KBM Injektorking Vario

530/50/18-36/16/100 EPS
(with ejector)

330/50/18-36/16/100 EPS
(with ejector)
Sketch of Injektorking Vario 330/50/22/16 EPS
Sketch of Injektorking Vario 330/50/22/16/100 EPS

Sketch of Injektorking Vario 330/50/22/16 EPS

Sketch of Injektorking Vario 330/50/22/16/100 EPS

KBM Injektorking Vario Turbo/Combi for EPP, EPE, Arcel and EPS

Vario 330 ext
KBM Injektorking Turbo
330/50/18-36/16 Turbo/Combi
Vario 330EXT/50/18-36/16
with separable barrel
KBM Injektorking Turbo
KBM Injektorking Turbo
430/42x1,5/18-36/16 Turbo/Combi
530/50/18-36/16 Turbo/Combi
Also available with ejectors

Many different tip lengths available

Injector tip length 50mm
Injector tip length 25mm
Injector tip length 40mm
Injector tip length 75mm

Fixed air consumption.

KBM Injektorking LS
(Long Stroke)


Outside barrel diameters available in M28x1, 28, 30, 32, 33, 40, 42, M42x1,5 and 50mm. 

Available with non-rotating piston-sleeve/plunger for slanting mould-surfaces.
Sketch of Injektorking LS 200/28/26/16

LS 200/28/18-26/16 and LS 300/28/26/10.

Also available with 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 24mm piston (plunger), as well as with ejector (only the 16mm).

Sketch of Injektorking LS 200/28/26/16

Injektorking LS with built-in ejector.
More sizes of plungers.
LS 200/M28x1/26/16
Threaded barrel with nut.
Optional with core vent.
LS 330/50/22L55/16 FIX
Non-rotating plunger = "Contour filler"

KBM Injektorking accessories

KBM Quick clamp Turbo/Combi
(material hose connection)

KBM Quick clamp for EPS
(material hose connection)

KBM quickclamp EPP
Available for 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1") and 32mm (1 1/4") hose.
Available for 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1") and 32mm (1 1/4") hose.

Clamp rings for KBM Injektors

KBM Quick clamp Multi

Available for 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1") and 32mm (1 1/4") hose.

Some of the first

How to connect it:

Click on the flags below to get the brochure in that language about how to connect Injektorking Vario and LS.
Some of the first Injektorkings
Injektorkings from the beginning. The one to the right is from the first serie made in 1975. The rest is approx 20-25 years old. All are still working fine.

Explanation of Injektorking numbers:

AAA / BB / CCLcc / DD / EEE

 AAA The build in length in mm.
Most common is 330mm. The types can also be available in 550mm, 430mm and 230mm (or 200mm and 300mm for LS). Special lengths can be made on request.
 BB The outside diameter of the barrel in mm going into the clamp ring and steam chamber. The most used size is 50mm, but 42, 40, 33, 32, 30 and 28mm are also available. A type with 42mm and 1,5mm thread is available as Turbo/Combi.
 CCLcc The outside diameter of the tip in mm - the part which is going into the mould. Available from 20-36mm (10-26mm for DD=8, 10 and 12 types).

Sometimes it is written like CCLcc where L means "length" and cc is a special size for a specific wall thickness of the mould in mm e.g. 22L21

 DD The outside diameter of the piston in mm (the inside diameter of the tip). Most types are with 16mm for both EPS, EPP, Arcel. One type is with 20mm for special large beads. Smaller types with 8, 10 and 12mm piston are also available.
 EEE The length of the ejector in mm. Some types have a build-in ejector function that can be used in moulds where only very little space is available to place normal ejectors.
 Vario The vario types have the option to adjust the air-consumption, and thereby save air and money on energy.
 EPS The EPS type of the Injektorking Vario. This is the most common type. It is calibrated to a minimum consumption of 60 liters of air/minute by 6 bar. The maximum setting is 180 liter of air/minute.
 TURBO / COMBI  The TURBO/COMBI type of the Injektorking Vario are the types for EPP, Arcel, Neopor etc. They can also be used for EPS, but the air-consumption is higher than the EPS type. The minimum setting is 100 liters of air/minute by 6 bar and maximum 260 liters of air/minute.
 LS The LS type means "Long Stroke". The advantages on the LS injektors are, that they only have an outside diameter of 28, 30, 32 or 33mm while they still have the piston diameter of 16mm. Also available with 8, 10 and 12mm piston and down to 10mm outside diameter of the tip. They can also be made with 40, 42 and 50mm outside barrel. 
 POWER The VARIO EPS POWER version is a version in between the Vario EPS and Vario TURBO/COMBI. It has filling capabilities like the TURBO/COMBI, but is not for EPP. Perfect for high-densities of EPS.  
(all Injektorking EPS are supplied with a small 22mm hose stub as shown on the photo 330/50/22/16 and not quick clamps (optional). All Turbo/Combi are supplied without quick clamps (optional too)). 
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