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  • KBM is specialized in manufacturing machinery for the EPS, EPP, NEOPOR, and EPE industry. Materials known as Styrofoam, Styropor ®, Foam polystyrene, etc.
  • For the EPS and similar materials moulding industry, KBM offers four series of recycling equipment. Whether you are a small shape moulder or large block moulder, we have a recycling system to reuse your material in your production. By reusing, you replace new raw material and your economical benefit from this way of recycling is so much higher than extruding it to plastic. The output is individual beads broken down from packaging or insulation. They will be completely cleaned of dust which means no production problems afterwards.
  • We are also manufacturing machinery to help solve the handling problems which often occur with products of EPS, e.g. fish boxes. Our Styropactor, combined crushers, and compactors strongly reduce the volume of EPS products, making it a lot easier to handle and a lot cheaper to transport.  This is a good solution to handle smelly or dirty packaging, which cannot be reused in their present form. These compactors are not especially for the EPS industry, but for everybody with a waste problem.
  • We also have a large program of other products for the EPS/EPP/EPE industry: Injektorking Vario and LS fill guns, Styromix / Styrometer mixing systems, Dust compactors, Styrosilo storage silos, etc.


  • KBM ApS was founded in 1971 by Mr. Kjeld Bentzen and is today run by his son Mr. Michael Bentzen. Since the beginning, the company has been supplying machinery for the EPS-industry.
  • A few years later the Injektorking Vario Injectors for EPS were developed, and in 1978 KBM developed the first real recycling plant for EPS; later the same systems were developed to be used for EPP and EPE. Over the years we have designed recycling systems for all sizes of the moulding industry. Combined crushers/compactors to handle post consumer EPS products, and mixing/metering systems were added to the line of products.
  • Our main activity is the manufacturing of recycling systems enabling the EPS and EPP industry to reuse as much as possible in their production - both to the benefit of the environment as well as for economical reasons. It will be possible to reuse the materials as EPS after recycling. This kind of process gives the highest pay-back from the reused product.
  • The line of Styropactors - compactors for EPS packagings has also been expanded so that there is now many sizes suitable for any need and capacity.
  • From small stores up to large industrial installations.

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