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Jumbo recycling

A complete system to make moulded EPS/NEOPOR/GRAPHITE etc. packagings and insulation materials into individual beads ready to be mixed with new beads to make new products.

Jumbo recycling

We developed the completely integrated recycling concept for reusing EPS material in 1978 and have in the past supplied these plants world-wide, where they have solved the recycling problems and brought substantial savings. Our experience in this field enables us to solve the problem of reusing the waste material with optimal result.


  • The KBM JUMBO recycling plant / line for EPS is made for the very large shape and block moulding plants.

  • For smaller shape or block moulding plants the MINI and MAXI Recycling plants are available.

  • Thanks to the large sieve surface and granulation chamber the JUMBO Plant produces from production waste, cut-offs from block production or even from used EPS mouldings, a high quality recycled material, which contains a minimum of dust.

  • The recycled EPS material can be reused in shape moulding production in a ratio of at least 10-20 percent without any perceptibly optical or physical change of the product quality. For block moulding 20-50 percent can be added.

  • Due to the fact that the material is broken down to the individual bead size similar to the new beads, it is homogeneous with the new pre-expanded beads and consequently de mixing problems in the silos causing uneven density distribution are minimized. Problems like blocking of core vents due to dust and lumps of material causing hot wire cutting problems in terms of inaccurate sheets with bad surface are also minimized.

  • To pre crush the material, two different sizes of pre crushers are available. The pre crushers are designed to separate and collect metal parts, stones and other very heavy parts in the bottom. To collect also parts of wood, plastic and other parts before they reach the blower, we suggest our heavy particle separator.

  • From the silo above the JUMBO granulator, the precrushed material is metered into the sound insulated granulator and broken down to the individual bead size depending on the sieve hole size. Afterwards the dust is extracted in the JUMBO dust separation unit and the recycled material is conveyed to a storage silo.

  • The dust is blown into the JUMBO cyclone dust compactor, which separate the dust from the air. The dust is collected in the lower part and is compacted into an octagonal rod with a density of 200-300 Kg/m3 (12-19 lbs/ft3). The air is returned from the cyclone air exhaustion into the granulator in a closed circuit. It replaces the large filter bags, which means that the daily cleaning of filter bags is eliminated and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

  • The KBM STYROMIX units are available to give an individual and exact mixing of material for each moulding machine (see special leaflet).

  • For Block production, STYROMETER with two silos and mixing station, to be placed just before the block mould, is available.


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JUMBO Recycling Line



JUMBO Recycling - Sketch of the JUMBO LINE



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Capacity per hour:

(Granulated and dust extracted EPS)

Screen with 6mm holes (Shape) 18-20 m3 630-700 ft3
Screen with 8mm holes (Block) 25-35 m3 875-1225 ft3
Screen with 10mm holes (Block) 35-40 m3 1225-1400 ft3


With 20 mm screen the granulator capacity exceeds 60 m3

Screen surface 2 x 1.2m2 = 2.4 m2 26 ft2
Dust compactor with 16 kg/m3 (1,0 lbs/ft3) EPS dust approx. 30-40 kg/h 66-88 lbs
Space required (A-F) approx. 30-40 m2 320-430 ft2


Measurements: L x W x H

Silo pre crushed material (C) 3.0m x 3.0m x 6.0m (size silo bag approx. 27 m3) 118" x 118" x 236" (size silo bag approx. 940 ft3)
Metering/Granulator (D) 2.1m x 1.4m x 1.9m 84" x 56" x 76"
Dust seperating unit (E) 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.7m 72" x 48" x 108"
Dust compactor with cyclone type air exhaustion (F) 1.2m x 1.2m x 5.1m 48" x 48" x 204"
Storage silo (G) 2.0m x 2.0 x 6.0 m (size silo bag approx. 17 m3) (any size available) 80" x 80" x 240" (size silo bag 600 ft3) (any size available)
STYROMETER: Mixing station (block) (G) 4.0 x 2.0 x 6.0m (size each silo bag approx. 17 m3) 158" x 80" x 236" (size each silo bag approx. 600 ft3)
Pipe connections (pre crushed material) 250mm 10"
Pipe connections (granulated material) 160/200mm 6/8"


Pre crusher hopper top openings: MAXI: 1400x600mm (56x24"), JUMBO (A): 1800x600mm (72x32")

(Values below are experienced by EPS granulated on a KBM granulator)

Re-usable EPS material after recycling min. 93-95%
Extracted EPS dust and fines  max. 5-7% 
Dust content after dust separation  max. 1% 

Electrical load:

Electrical load EPS
Metering/granulator (D) 31.2 Kw
Dust separating unit (E) 14.4 Kw
JUMBO Dust compactor (F) 4.0 Kw
STYROMETER Mixing station (block) (G) 2.3 Kw
Voltage 3x400V/50Hz or other voltages


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