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Recycling units can separate your scrap back into individual beads. For EPS / EPP / Arcel / etc.

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Reduce the volume of used EPS. All types of EPS containers can be compacted into low volume bricks.

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Fill injectors

Fill injectors for all materials. Fast and easy maintenance. Low air consumption.

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Mixing units for EPS and EPP, etc. Featuring the KBM Styromix and Styrometer.

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Antistatic fabric and filt. Top material for the silo bag is dust proof with high air permeability.

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Additional products including; KBM Hollow Wall Injector and KBM Styrofiller.

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Recycling Products

Selection of KBM Products including:

  1. Recycling systems

  2. Compactors

  3. Fill Injectors

  4. Mixing units

  5. Silos

  6. And others


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