Fill injectors

Injektorking Vario & Injektorking LS

Injektorking Vario

Adjustable air-consumption makes it possible to fill more in different spots in the mould

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Injektorking LS

Fixed air-consumption

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Quick-clamps (quick-disconnectors)

Quick-clamps (quick-disconnectors) include the KBM Quick-clamp COMBI, the KBM Quick-clamp MULTI and the Quic…

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Clamp-rings (collars)

Clamp-rings (collars) include the KBM Combi 50mm clamp-ring with X-ring, the KBM Combi 42mm clamp-ring with …

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Injektorking accessories and spare parts

KBM Injektorking accessories and spare parts include seals, hose stubs, airfitting items and more for the KB…

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KBM injectors are superior in several areas:


  1. Fast and easy maintenance

  2. No special tools needed

  3. Low air consumption

  4. Vario function for local adjustment

  5. Self-cleaning

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